Necrophobia Fear of Death

Necrophobia, an abnormal fear of death or corpses, is one of the most widely known fears in history. This irrational fear often causes feelings of panic and terror, rapid heartbeat, shortness of breath, extreme trembling and anxiety, dry mouth and nausea. One of the most dangerous symptoms of necrophobia is the extreme avoidance measures that […]

Necromantic Love of the Undead

Although few people in the scene identify as such, a recent rash of necrophiliacs have appeared oozing out of the woodwork. The current generation of twenty somethings, having grown up on gory zombie flicks like ‘Dawn of the Dead’, have an usually strong love of zombies. It’s unusually to go to an adult Haloween party […]

The Best Cemeteries To Visit In America

Most people dream of getting away to a sunny destination when they go on vacation, but there are those who prefer to visit places that are a little out of the ordinary. While just about everyone has visited a cemetery at one point or an other, a very select few choose a cemetery as their […]

How To Be A Necromancer

So you’ve decided to be a necromancer? Congratulations! Deciding to become a necromancer is the first step. Now that you have made the decision though, certain responsibilities will follow. First of all, you want to be sure you’re raising people you actually want to bring back to life. Remember that it took many years for […]

Necromancy – Raising The Dead For Profit & Knowledge

People have always had a fascination with death. Although death is a part of life, it is an area of mystery and the unknown. The entertainment industry certainly notices the interest in death, and capitalizes upon viewer interest. From shows that portray real, unscripted death, such as the First 48, to shows in which people […]

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